Que signifie "proto kernel" dans la Table de routage Unix?

j'ai cherché dans linux-ip.net et tout l'internet mais ne semble rien. Que signifie la partie" proto kernel " dans une Table de routage?

par exemple:

[[email protected]]# ip route show table local
local dev eth0 proto kernel scope host src
broadcast dev lo proto kernel scope link src
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extrait de man ip(8):

  protocol RTPROTO
          the routing protocol identifier of this route.
          RTPROTO may be a number or a string from the
          file /etc/iproute2/rt_protos. If the routing
          protocol ID is not  given,  ip  assumes  protocol
          boot (i.e. it assumes the route was added by 
          someone who doesn't understand what they are doing).
          Several protocol values have a fixed interpretation.

             redirect - the route was installed due to an ICMP redirect.

             kernel - the route was installed by the kernel during

             boot - the route was installed during the bootup sequence.
                 If a routing daemon starts, it will purge all of them.

             static - the route was installed by the administrator to
                   override dynamic routing. Routing daemon will
                   respect them and, probably, even advertise them
                   to its peers.

             ra - the route was installed by Router Discovery protocol.

          The rest of the values are not reserved and the administrator is free
          to assign (or not to assign) protocol tags.
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